Jeanloup SIEFF FASHION 1960-2000 by Ira Stehmann & Barbara Rix-Sieff , Prestel

Jeanloup SIEFF FASHION 1960-2000 by Ira Stehmann & Barbara Rix-Sieff , Prestel 


 The impulse that led you to make an image is a thing that you cannot share with anyone, even if you explain it. What remains is a surface that will live its own life, that will belong to everybody. I accept that surface.   Jeanloup Sieff

This book is truly beautiful & authentic with strong images, it has a nostalgic touch which (if you allow yourself) take us on a journey into the past, this journey starts  with purely rediscovering how simple yet clean & effective photography has been before digital came into our world. I love when books have the influence to take me away from the here & now with their visual content.   I am glad that I have this book so sometimes when I am a lil´ feed up from all this high tech cable wired globe  ….

Then I will simply relax on my Corbusier couch for a few minutes and I allow myself to drift away by reading text contributions by Oliver Zahm , Catherine Deneuve & more (which I won´t mention now as you should see for yourself ) and see Fashion in SIEFFs impressive visual way including motives of A List  Personalities  such as; Mia Farrow, Alfred Hitchcock, Catherine Deneuve as well as editorial work he photographed for clients such as; Elle, Vogue and Harper´s Bazaar.


This wide-ranging collection of his work captures some of Jeanloup Sieff’s most famous photographs spanning a career of nearly 40 years. These nudes and fashion shots portray more than beautiful bodies draped, or not, with beautiful clothes; Sieff’s personal interest in whatever lay before his camera, and his continually evolving style, render these photographs pieces of art. Whether his assignment was for Glamour, Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar; whether his subject was Yves Montand, Rudolf Nureyev, Twiggy, or Catherine Deneuve, Sieff was never afraid to take chances with location, equipment, lighting, or convention. Rounding out this exciting monograph are texts from his favorite models as well as essays by Frank Horvarth and Purple Magazine’s editor Olivier Zahm.(


Pages 208 Seiten

Publisher  Prestel Verlag (1. Oktober 2012)

Language Englisch


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