M.I.A (the autobiographical) Book Rizzoli preview

This book is for music lovers &  fashion lovers , that´s for sure !

Personally I am very keen to get my hands on this book simply because I have alsways been a fan of M.I.A and her bubbly personality , it will certainly be a sea of colors which is something to look forward to in the coming cold and dull winter days however let´s see how this whole book is structured and how much depth has been going into the actual content which oftern particually in those “coffee table meets autobio´ books ” get left behind a great deal

M.I.A. the international known music artist based in the UK  known for songs such as ; paper planes, is  telling us and Rizzoli visually her life story including her difficult childhood in Sri Lanka and her families escape to England Uk.

The Book is over 192 pages and 300 photos covering the day she was born until now.

A full review will be written very soon !

A groundbreaking and always controversial musician, M.I.A. is an influential artist and an important cultural figure of the last decade. Here is a documentation of her entire visual output and a telling of her story in collages, photos, and prints from her early years in art school at Central Saint Martins London through to her hugely successful three albums, mixtapes, and live performances at PS1 MoMA, Coachella, various exhibitions, installations, and music video shoots. The artwork is comprised of a wide variety of materials and media: video stills turned to stencils pieced back together to make animated installations; spray-painted canvasses scanned then made into digital collages; photographs videotaped, then run through bad computer connections to create graphic prints; artwork on nails, walls, prints for T-shirts, handmade stage costumes—anything she could find while she was touring. Also included are assorted lyrics and portions of an exclusive interview in which she discusses candidly the personal events and themes which informed her art and music at the time of each campaign. Includes foreword by Steve Loveridge, friend since her art school days and frequent creative collaborator with M.I.A. (

Hardcover: 192 pages

Publisher: Rizzoli (October 23, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0847839176

Available from Rizzoli this 23. October 2012

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