Martina Rink

Martina Rink and her team create books from the concept through production and marketing, tailored to the highest standards of each client they work with and focusing on unique ways of telling stories pursued with love and passion. Unlike the common approaches of publishing, Martina Rink establishes specially and individually tailored book projects, following and finely communicating her unique ideas from the moment they have been conceived until the project has been successfully finished. With this, her focus lies on giving brands a new identity, personality or a missing fresh touch in order to communicate the brand to a wider public. Martina’s penchant for anything fashion and her desire to find out about what “beautiful” might really mean made her what she is today – one of Europe’s best connected and most profoundly informed fashion consultants. She studied at London’s legendary Central St Martin’s College, finishing off at London Metropolitan University. During her studies Martina gained experience with PR and model agencies such as Totem, Purple & Storm and became an insider to the London’s & Paris´s fashion scene. After graduating, she also became personal assistant to fashion icon Isabella Blow. Isabella’s mentoring gave a final touch to Martina’s innate sense of style and content as well as to her ability to discern and go beyond the surface - Martina’s fascinating book on Isabella Blow is witness to her impressive talents. Martina works internationally in English and German, cooperating with world-leading publishers to offer high-end printed books & e-book editions. Working with her team she offers support and book-launch promotion to ensure an unforgettable and successful event, providing launch videos and project websites on request as an additional promotional service. Martina is currently planning another big book project to keep mixing up the traditional, in her terms “rather boring” way of bookmaking


About : Book Close up – previews & reviews
Martina Rink captures the beauty and joy of the coffee table books in her independent  reviews. A honest and insightful close up for book lovers.


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